LOYD WALTER            Wood Artist

 No trees are ever felled to make Loyd's woodwork.   



Raised in the eastern slope of Washington’s Cascade Mountains, a country-ranch beginning helped Loyd Walter develop a sense of practicality and self-reliance. These qualities have served Loyd well throughout his life. Loyd attended the University of Washington, then two years in the Army, stationed in Alaska. In 1957 Loyd moved to San Jose, California to finish his education. There he married, raised four children and became an aerospace designer and technology instructor. In 1977 Loyd returned to Alaska with three sons to work for the State. Ten years later Loyd returned to teaching and filled an opening at Shasta College in Redding, California where he taught engineering and technology until retiring in 2000.

For over 55 years wood-working was a part-time distraction for Loyd. However, since retiring this distraction has become a full time pursuit. In 2001 Loyd became a member of the Shasta Woodworker’s Club active until his move to Laguna Woods, he is now a member of the Orange County Woodworkers. Most of Loyd’s work is oriented to art and display rather than function. This orientation leads to natural and bark edge work. This is especially true for his Manzanita burl pieces. Loyd works mostly with found wood. With found wood, rather than lumber, the challenge is to realize the shape and design that will bring out the natural beauty of the grain and structure. Each piece is a unique creation that evolves during the turning and a bit of the soul is revealed. Such turnings tend to be sensual to the touch, as well as handsome to view. As it is known “a wood-turner’s touch is as critical for feedback as is sight”. At one count Loyd has worked with over forty varieties of wood. He often finds the richer and more interesting the species of wood, the more difficult it is to work. This element adds to the challenge and continual search for new techniques in turning.

Loyd has his wood art for sale in several galleries; including Northwest Woodworker's Gallery in Seattle, Gallery M in Half Moon Bay and the Highlight Gallery in Mendocino. In June of 2008 Loyd was the featured artist at the Carter House Gallery in Redding, California. In 2006, Yosh Sugiyama, nationally recognized artist advised Loyd to enter juried shows. Acting on his council, Loyd has participated and won several awards in a number of juried shows and continues to enter competitions. He feels the work and creativity are the motive and pleasure of his woodworking but competitions add extra discipline and challenge to his art.

                                   Awards and Competition Participation

26th Annual Design in Wood Competition: Second & Third

2006 San Luis Obispo California Contours

2006 California State Fair: First, Fourth, Fifth & Honorable Mention

2006 California State Fair: Best of Division

2007 Los Gotos National Fine Art Show

27th Annual Design in Wood Competition: Third & Forth

28th Design in Wood Competition: Third
 29th Design in Wood Competition: Third & Honorable Mention
2013 California State Fair: First, Third & Honorable Mention
2015 Orange County Fair: Third & Honorable Mention